Journal Article

I am currently working on my first journal article for publication. This one has been a long time coming as it is based on my Masters project, which I finished in 2014.

At this stage, I have written the bulk of the text, and am currently working on the editing process. Now, I hate editing my own work. I find it really painful to read my own writing and typically, I avoid it for literally as long as I can (which is why this has taken so long). But I have gotten to a stage now where the content is down, and editing is all that remains. My ideal writing and editing process goes like this:

  1. Plan sections
  2. Dot point each section
  3. Write each section (doesn’t matter what order)- referencing as I go
  4. Send to someone (supervisor) for review
  5. Edit for structure (and anything else that sticks out) x2
  6. Send to someone for review
  7. Edit for content x2
  8. Edit for language
  9. Send to someone(s) for review
  10. Final edit

Right now I’m up to step 5, so there’s a long, long way to go. We shall see how that works out.

The only thing that is currently helping me with this process is the pomodoro technique and social writing, such as the Shut up and Write groups.

But I’ve just spent one writing/editing session writing this post, so I’d better get back to it.

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