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Overwhelmed by knowledge

One of the biggest problems that I have as a researcher is academic reading. As a kid, I was a voracious reader of fiction – especially sci-fi and fantasy – I would often read almost a novel a day. For … Continue reading

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The state of mind dilemma

How many times have you heard that doing a PhD is hard? That people end up depressed? That they quit because of isolation, mental health issues, life changes, or something else. That the PhD student is a tortured figure, working … Continue reading

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Perpetually Busy

Like all students, I am perpetually busy. It does seem to me though, that sometimes this comes in all-consuming waves. The rest of this month just seems to be so jam-packed with things, that I don’t quite know where to … Continue reading

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Participation Problems

An unresolved problem… So there are always a whole number of things that can go wrong while doing research. While you can plan for many of them – and have back-up plans for most of them, sometimes things are more … Continue reading

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Networking opportunities

Phew. What a day. And a week. There’s no rest for the wicked.  This week I’ve been madly working on that journal article again (sent to supervisor for new edits!), working on an application for the Educational Fellowship Scheme (draft … Continue reading

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Career Doctor

Last Wednesday (26 October), I attended the Career Doctor/PhD to Present conference/workshop day. As usual, the parallel sessions meant that I couldn’t attend everything, but what I did get to go to was really interesting. Continue reading

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