Full Steam Ahead!

Hello 2017!

I can hardly believe that it is already almost the end of January.

Over the past few weeks, I have been working hard at getting everything together for a super productive year. Mostly because this is my 3rd year and I am supposed to submit in Feb 2018… *gulp*.

We will have to see how that goes…

So among my planning for the year, I have been trying to get my research back on track, most of all by getting these focus groups underway. I am now more than 12 months behind on where I had planned to be in my project planner from the beginning… live and learn. But after months of having no response, no participants, and no dates, I finally managed to book the first three focus groups, and ran the first of them last night.


So the next few months will be full steam ahead, collating ideas from these focus groups, and creating a first full draft of a module… By the middle of March. So a very short time frame.

A few notes from the focus group last night (in no particular order):

  • My plan held up, and with only one small change, ran right on time. (yay!)
  • The group was too small. It worked, but would be more effective with a larger group.
  • Comprehension was good, but I noticed they didn’t want to stray too far from the provided material – I was hoping they could be more innovative, but perhaps they need more time.
  • The small change was to remove the workshopping activity – I did this becuase they had already given feedback and had said that necessary changes were minimal.
  • As expected, they reacted better to the more specific material than the conceptual values etc, and found it easier to create an activity out of that. Perhaps I need to explain the purpose of that conceptual material more clearly, as they did discuss needing it (but didn’t connect the need to what was there).
  • How do I know if they’re being positive genuinely, or just because I’m there? I want their honest feedback, but feel like I may not necessarily get it, if it’s negative.
  • The first activity worked really well and I’m quite proud of myself for it.

Next workshops are on 6 Feb, and 30 March, although I will try to get some additional ones done in between if I can. Presentation of draft module is on 17 March.

And away we go! 2017, full steam ahead!

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