Finishing that journal article

I am so very close to having that journal article ready for submission. I’m not entirely happy with it, but that means that I am more likely to not be too upset when it (inevitably) gets rejected.

This week, I’ve been going through the long and painful process of checking the formatting, references, etc, to see if it fits with the journal’s requirements. All of this is finally done. To me this is a massive achievement because I really, really, really hate editing. Especially my own work. To me it is like watching myself on video – nothing seems quite right, it all feels awkward, and I feel self-conscious.

Anyway. Having pushed through all of that to finally get four rounds of editing done, I am almost ready to submit. I am now up to the strange part of a cover letter… I have no idea what this is supposed to look like in my field.

I found this example of a cover letter at Taylor Francis’ website, which was really helpful. I just followed that to write something ready for submission.


Ahem. It may have taken me 15 minutes to actually hit the submit button, and then another 5 when it said “are you sure?”, but I have officially submitted a journal article for publication.

Now. On with the thesis!

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