Rejections and Resubmissions

Well. That happened quickly.

Two days after I submitted the journal article, it got an editor rejection… meaning that the editor of the journal decided that it didn’t fit with the journal and wouldn’t be sent to reviewers. Now, while I disagree with the reasons that I was given for this, I’m told that about 80% of articles get this kind of rejection. It stung a little, but I was quite proud of myself and didn’t even cry.

The next day, I submitted to a new journal. I haven’t heard anything back from them yet, but it hasn’t been two weeks. I’ll start wondering at about the 6 week mark I think.

A really interesting part of the submission process was the file naming conventions, and the sheer number of different ways that this could be done, as well as the contradictory ways that the journals say. For example, the first one that I submitted to wanted APA formatting in everything, which includes formatting for the submission of tables (at the end of the document). However it doesn’t say how to indicate where the tables go in the text, and then the submission website wants them to be submitted separately. The second one only wanted APA for the references, but then didn’t say what file format they wanted the tables in. It’s little things like this that make the process so hard for… well… everyone.

In any case, I made two journal article submissions in a week (at last!) and I’m quite proud of myself, especially because of the rejection. We’ve all got to start somewhere, and every academic gets rejections.

On other things: I am working on a presentation for this week, and then I go away on fieldwork and a writing retreat for a week.  Life never stops.

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