The unexpected…

Sometimes things do not go according to plan…

For the past three days, I have been stuck in rural NSW after my car broke down on my way home. I am hundreds of kilometres from anyone I know, and really don’t have anywhere practical to do much work. However, there is always work to be done.

I had been away for a week doing some research and a writing retreat. The research went really well, and I have lots of things to move forward on and think about. I also managed to get 2300 words written of my Methods chapter.

For the past three days though, stuck in limbo, I have been trying to continue working as best I can. It is hard though when you don’t have any of your resources (including barely internet), you can’t set up an office anywhere, you have to keep moving from place to place in the town, and you are trying to work out when you can get home and can’t focus on work. That said, I have written another 600 words on the chapter and it is now as finished as it can be for a while. It needs some solid referencing, and also needs me to finish my research so I can discuss problems encountered with the rest of it. Then I will have a finished chapter! I need to do a lot of reading too, but this has been a lot harder to achieve. I have some books in my poor little car, but they are hard to access and not worth the trouble.

It was also my birthday yesterday. This was not how I wanted to spend it.

Anyway. Thoughts from limbo: the kindness of strangers is a wonderful thing; sometimes relentless positivity isn’t enough; work can be done almost anywhere; the internet can kill a lot of time; small towns are terrible for trying to get things to.

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