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The unexpected…

Sometimes things do not go according to plan… For the past three days, I have been stuck in rural NSW after my car broke down on my way home. I am hundreds of kilometres from anyone I know, and really … Continue reading

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Rejections and Resubmissions

Well. That happened quickly. Two days after I submitted the journal article, it got an editor rejection… meaning that the editor of the journal decided that it didn’t fit with the journal and wouldn’t be sent to reviewers. Now, while … Continue reading

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Finishing that journal article

I am so very close to having that journal article ready for submission. I’m not entirely happy with it, but that means that I am more likely to not be too upset when it (inevitably) gets rejected. This week, I’ve … Continue reading

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Full Steam Ahead!

Hello 2017! I can hardly believe that it is already almost the end of January. Over the past few weeks, I have been working hard at getting everything together for a super productive year. Mostly because this is my 3rd … Continue reading

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Overwhelmed by knowledge

One of the biggest problems that I have as a researcher is academic reading. As a kid, I was a voracious reader of fiction – especially sci-fi and fantasy – I would often read almost a novel a day. For … Continue reading

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Perpetually Busy

Like all students, I am perpetually busy. It does seem to me though, that sometimes this comes in all-consuming waves. The rest of this month just seems to be so jam-packed with things, that I don’t quite know where to … Continue reading

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Journal Article

I am currently working on my first journal article for publication. This one has been a long time coming as it is based on my Masters project, which I finished in 2014. At this stage, I have written the bulk … Continue reading

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